Common Questions

If you have come and visited one of our Villages, or read the information provided, then perhaps you would now like to submit an Application Form.

Stage 1: Application/ Conditional Offer

Our official Lifestyle Village’s Application Form is usually completed in conjunction with our Archer Sales Manager. It is like placing a conditional offer on the residence chosen, and is often subject to things like selling your home.

Stage 2: Licence signing stage/ Confirmation Part 1

After you have confirmed the sale of your home, the next stage is to complete the Occupation Right Agreement (ORA), often called ‘the Licence’. This must be done with your Lawyer.

Stage 3: ‘Cooling-off’ phase/ Confirmation Part 2

Once the Licence has been signed by you and your Lawyer, then there is what’s termed, a ‘Cooling off period.’ This allows you a further 15-days to terminate your interest in the residence on offer, for whatever reason you choose.

Stage 4: Settlement/ Moving in

It’s only after this Cooling-off period that your ORA becomes unconditional, and final Settlement occurs, allowing you to move in to your residence.

Archer will consider requests for early possession into your new residence where there is a need, and you are waiting for funds to be settled on your current home.

And furthermore, at Archer we extend the guarantee to 90-days from the signing of your Licence. It’s called our ‘Happy Guarantee’. We want you to be entirely happy with the decision you have made. If within this period you suddenly realise you will not be happy living within one of our villages, we will refund your investment in full.

Our Villages are Registered Retirement Villages for your added security and protection.

A Statutory Supervisor is required to be appointed by Archer for each Village. The role of the Statutory Supervisor is as an independent legal entity to oversees and protects Residents interests and investments in their village.

The ‘Licence’ is the formal legal document called an ‘Occupation Right Agreement’ or ORA. This outlines your entitlements and obligations while living in the village.

This is like ‘enjoy now, pay later’ for the benefits you enjoy while living in the village. Like all these types of villages in NZ, there is an annual deduction over several years to cover a number of expenses incurred running a village.

These are fixed for life. From the day you move into your village there are no weekly fee increases ever, now that’s peace of mind!

Our assisted living studios offer three levels of care-support packages. These are designed to meet different care-needs of residents.