Archer Ownership and History

Archer Ownership

Archer’ is the family name used to describe the Archer Trust and Companies that make up its overall ownership. There is a Charitable Trust, referred to as the ‘Archer Trust’ and legally entitled the Archer Memorial Baptist Home Trust, that owns everything, and reports annually to the Canterbury-Westland Baptist Association.

All our sites have trading businesses that are established as Companies and are owned 100% by the ‘Archer Trust’. This allows each Company to focus on providing the best service it can to our residents.

Each of these Companies has Charitable status, so surpluses generated are reinvested back into Archer for the benefit of the residents and facilities today and tomorrow.


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Archer History

Archer has served our local community in Christchurch for over 60-years. We are very proud of our ‘Archer’ family name. The Rev. Archer was a Baptist Minister, a three-term Mayor of Christchurch (1925-1931), and appointed a member of the Legislative Council (NZ’s Upper House of Government) in 1937.

He was well known for his strong Christian faith, an advocate for social justice, and caring for the elderly. 1955 saw the Rev. and Mrs J.K. Archer’s family home on Colombo St, Beckenham, transformed to become an affordable, safe, caring, Christian home for ‘gracious, elderly ladies’. This was the beginning of Archer.

Today, Archer aims to reflect these foundational values in all that it offers.